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What does good design look like?

It’s precisely targeted. It’s designed with the audience in mind and focused on what learners need to know to achieve their performance goals.


It’s convenient. It’s easy for learners to access information when they need it.


It begins with the end. It’s simple to design around existing requirements or stakeholder expectations, but to truly be effective learning design should center around clearly identified business problems and measurable outcomes.


It provides a safe place to practice. It gives the learner a chance to apply their new knowledge, make decisions and understand the consequences.


It’s engaging. Quality eLearning moves beyond imparting factual information. It tells a story of why the information is important. And, like all good storytelling, it allows the learners to see themselves in the content.


These principles guide the learning solutions I create. By focusing on business outcomes, the audience and performance goals, I’ve been able to drive organizational change and help clients get the most of their people.

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